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I am a mixed media artist specializing in textiles and fiber arts. My educational background is in studio art and design. I have an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts. 


My art practice is a form of self-exploration. It serves as a channel of meaningful growth, expansion, and connection. My art pieces are like maps of my memories. They are fragments of my experience that I am working with, piecing together, and reconnecting to.


I consider memory and subjective experience to be a necessary terrain of exploration, in the understanding and transformation of oneself. Taking this knowledge and consciousness one can then turn outward to explore larger questions of place and identity.



I am an experienced teaching artist and museum educator. For over fifteen years, I have developed and taught arts programs independently, as well as in partnership with arts and cultural institutions, such as the Guggenheim, the Morgan Library & Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


I have led programs with people of all ages and backgrounds. I consider teaching an extension of my art practice, and I am passionate about sharing my love of art and learning with others.

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